Call For Proposals

The call for proposals has now closed.

The first ever Northern Real Farming Conference (NRFC) will run from 28 September – 10 October 2020, in a mostly online format (though we have some ideas up our sleeve if social distancing rules permit!). It’s the first of hopefully many NRFCs, and we are looking forward to building the northern real farming community in the years to come.

The NRFC is inspired and supported by the long-running Oxford Real Farming Conference. ‘Real Farming’ events explore transformative strategies, theories, approaches, and practical and progressive actions for just and sustainable agriculture and food systems. At the NRFC we will be focussing primarily, though not exclusively, on real farming in the northern parts of England and Scotland.

In the midst of multiple crises (climate chaos, ecological breakdown, mass extinction, social unrest and Covid-19), it is crucial that we re-think and share practical experiences of innovative and environmentally sustainable ways to farm and bring food to our markets and ultimately our kitchen tables.

NRFC 2020 is calling all those with an interest in sustainable food and farming to get involved.

We are looking for proposals for presentations, workshops, panel discussions, themed open conversations, virtual farm tours, or any other kind of interactive or informative session.

Session could include (but are by no means limited to) the following themes:

  • Farm and food system resilience in times of crisis and climate change
  • Sustainable transition to regenerative farming
  • Models for food security and redistribution
  • Farmers’ health and well-being
  • Support to new entrants and the next generation
  • Diversity and inclusivity in northern farming and food production
  • Innovative or ancestral agricultural and pastoral practices
  • Soil health and regeneration
  • Rewilding
  • Agroforestry
  • Nature friendly farming
  • Crops for northern climates
  • Rural community building
  • Urban agriculture
  • Sustainable food cities and communities
  • Land sharing, community supported agriculture and other models
  • Developing an ethical fisheries industry

Whether you are interested in putting new models of farming into practice, are already a pioneer, have been farming for some time or are a new entrant to the sector, the NRFC is a space for you to share your experiences, projects, reflections and ideas.

Conference proposals will be reviewed by a panel drawn from Advisory Group members.