Northern Real Farming Conference

NRFC is a dynamic collaboration which brings together NGOs, farmer organisations, researchers, and other food system workers across the North of England. Together, we are working towards the creation of a fair, healthy and sustainable food and farming system for the region – see the Our Vision page for details.

Within the region, our work is unique in its breadth and strategic focus. We are a space where people and organisations who are focusing on specific elements of agroecological transitions can come together and collaborate with like minded others to share resources and inspiration in order to amplify the impact of their work. Importantly, we also link up those who work on farming and landscape recovery with those who work in procurement and processing, in order to facilitate a systemic approach to food system transformation in the region. 

Together, we are focusing on six strategic action areas which we have identified as having the greatest impact on shifting the region’s food systems in a fairer, more sustainable direction. 

NRFC is coordinated by LESS, a North Lancashire–based CIC, on behalf of a collaboration of stakeholders from across the food and farming system who work in the North of England.