What does a dietitian have to do with farming?

What does a dietitian have to do with farming?

Hosted by Rosa Holt.

This session covered three areas:

  1. What I do as a dietitian to advocate and inspire sustainability by supporting local producers.
  2. My work on the committee of the British Dietetic Association Sustainability Group and the wider aims of the group.
  3. The changes I’ve introduced to the farm since beginning my MSc in Organic Farming, including starting a new enterprise raising turkeys for Christmas on a silvopasture system.


Rosa Holt is the food and farming dietitian. She is a registered dietitian, fascinated by nutritional science and agroecology. She focuses on nutritional quality, provenance and environmental sustainability to create positive changes. She aims to encourage and practice meaningful action to create sustainable and resilient land use, to achieve coherent farming and food production while improving agricultural, environmental and public health.


Oct 02 2020


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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