Replacing imported soya – a supply chain or a farmer issue?

Soya is a fantastic source of protein, but its prevalence as one of the world’s leading sources of protein is putting massive pressure on our planet. Growing millions of tonnes of soya and shipping it worldwide to feed our livestock isn’t sustainable.

An alternative to soya must be found if we are to reduce carbon emissions. So who is going to fix this? Is it the responsibility of the supply chain, or should farmers lead by finding their own alternatives?

In this video, we have perspectives from an animal feed expert, a retailer who wants to source responsibly and a farmer working through his own solutions.

First speaker: Rob Dakin – Managing partner at Daykin partnership Ltd.

Second speaker: Sam Lee Gammage – Group Ethics and Sustainability Manager for raw food sourcing, John Lewis Partnership

Third speaker: Mike Mallet – Farm Manager of Maple Farm Kelsale

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