Month: June 2021

The call for session proposals is currently open 2021

The NRFC will bring together farmers, fishers, land managers, the food sector, researchers and activists from the North to share practical experiences with an interest in meeting global food system challenges in innovative and environmentally regenerative ways.

For the conference (17-24 November) proposals can include a range of formats, including:

  • webinar/panel sessions
  • discussion or co-creation sessions where a group discusses a key theme or questions
  • networking sessions
  • farm tours which focus on a practice or take participants on a farm tour
  • social sessions which aim to build connections through social activities which could include quizzes, live music, food-tasting and art
  • local gatherings across the North 

For the gathering (2-3 December in Lancaster) proposals can include:

  • Networking 
  • Celebration and project sharing
  • Talks and informal conversation over coffee/food 
  • In person workshops, seminars and information sharing

We have an early submission option (25 July) for organisations and/or networks representing farmers. Please submit all other proposals by 5 September.Organisations and networks, deadline 10pm, Sunday, 25 July All other proposals, deadline, 10pm, Sunday, 5 September