Month: December 2022

Changing the Scottish Landscape image

Changing Scotland’s Landscape Through Agroforestry – A farmer’s experience

With multiple pressures coming from all angles, one thing is clear: our landscapes will, and must, be managed differently. This session discussed the opportunities and the tensions between upland farming, commercial forestry and rewilding in a post-COVID, post-Brexit, climate-changing future. This is one presentation from an all-Scottish panel of farmers and conservationists.

Andrew Barbour is a farmer and forester working in Highland Perthshire.  He was the chairman of the Scottish Government’s Woodland Expansion Advisory Group, which reported back in 2010, looking at the ambitions of Govt to expand forestry at that time.  More recently, he was part of the Deer Working Group, which has just recently reported to the Scottish Government.

In this video, he gives an account of the tree planting he’s carried out on his farm in Perthshire.

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