Moving a flerd long distance: session outcomes

Moving livestock across large transects of land can be challenging, but is often a reality faced by farmers who have parcels of land that are spread out.

In this session, Bracken Morris and Vicky Palmer shared their experience of moving a flerd (a flock of sheep combined with a herd of cattle) at Hillcrest Farm in North Yorkshire through two dales, including a wood, to return to the start of the grazing pattern. 

The top tips given included:

  1. Planning — plan the trek afresh everytime, because circumstances change, and you can always improve things.
  2. Preparation – using fencing and what’s available to create a walkway.
  3. Preparation – on the day walk the entire journey before moving livestock, leaving gates open to make it easy to pass through.
  4. People – briefing the people on your team before you begin so you know who is doing what.
  5. People — trust each other, adapt to reality on the ground, be flexible.
  6. Animals – get to know your animals, and let your animals get to know you.
  7. Ask the question, ‘What would nature do?’
  8. Think through the move from the animal’s point of view.

You can watch a recording of the session here.

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