NRFC plans for 2022

we wanted to update you on the Northern Real Farming Conference plans for this year, and highlight some upcoming events and opportunities. As we grapple with the soaring costs of inputs, changing weather patterns and the preparation needed for the change to Environmental Land Management support, NRFC believes regenerative approaches to farming can reduce inputs, increase profitability and future-proof farm businesses. The Northern Real Farming Conference (NRFC) plans for this year include a project funded by WWF to:

  • creating a resource-bank of farmer-led videos from our previous events in an edited easy-to-watch format along with links, contacts and other information
  • a series of farm visits and local events across the region
  • building the active network of Northern farmers and other food system workers

We won’t be running a large-scale conference this Autumn, instead taking some time to plan an event better conference for 2023. We will, however, be out and about at various events around the North in the next few months. In the meantime, here are some opportunities you might be interested in.

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